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Tips to Clean Unseen and Hard to Reach Places in Home

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Amazing Tips to Clean Hard-to-Reach Surfaces in Home

The area of the room that is difficult to access and maintain is typically the one that gets the least attention. Along with the accumulation of dust on the uncleaned surface, dust allergies and breathing difficulties occur. However, your task will go more smoothly if you are aware of the right techniques for cleaning these hard-to-reach places. Check out this post for more information on home cleaning tips and tricks to make your cleaning easier and faster.

What are the hard-to-reach surfaces?

While cleaning your home, there are some areas that you frequently overlook because you are either ignorant of them or are unable to access them. In other circumstances, you might not think cleaning is necessary at the moment, which would make cleaning more difficult later. If you have a list of the locations and the right technique, cleaning will be simple and you won’t forget to do it. 

These locations include the corners of the walls, the top of kitchen cabinets, the sliding track of sliding doors or windows, the back side of the toilet seat, the blades of your ceiling fan, window blinds, etc. Without wasting too much time, let’s examine some home cleaning ideas for each location one at a time for adequate cleaning:

1. Cleaning the corners of the walls

Most of the time, dust-covered wall corners will have webs all over them. You only need a web-cleaning broom and regular cleaning, anytime you discover that your gorgeous ceiling is covered in webs. If not cleaned on time your home will begin to resemble a Halloween-themed room.

2. The top of kitchen cabinets

In reality, cleaning cabinets is rugged. Grease, filth, food, and germs are things they come into touch with all the time. Start by vacuuming out all of the dry dust that has accumulated above the cabinet. Next, use a degreaser spray, or you may create a solution in a spray bottle by mixing warm water with baking soda. 

Spray the solution only after cleaning the area with a vacuum. To properly clean the area, wipe it now with a microfiber cloth. The simplest way to keep kitchen cabinets clean is to perform a surface cleaning once a week rather than regularly wiping them down. 

3. The sliding track of sliding doors or windows

The tracks of sliding windows and doors may be kept clear of dust by routinely vacuuming them. However, if we have to do it frequently, cleaning becomes harder the more simple it seems to be to say. Here are the steps to clean the sliding track of the window and door:

i) Vacuuming the track first will help the dried dust wear off.

ii) Next, add liquid soap detergent to a bowl of water. The detergent powder is also an option.

iii) Take an old toothbrush for the window track and a large brush for the door track, for scrubbing the track.

iv) Apply the solution and start scrubbing it with the brush.

v) A clean and dry cloth should be used to wipe surfaces. When the cloth becomes soiled, wash it and then reuse it.

4. The back side of the toilet seat

Other than the kitchen, one area that requires constant, meticulous maintenance of proper hygiene is the washroom. Toilet cleaning and getting up face to face with them must be done, no matter how uncomfortable it is. While you could regularly clean your toilet, the region on the back of the toilet seat is frequently disregarded. Since it hasn’t been cleaned in many days, this region may be swarming with germs. 

The best time to clean the toilet’s back is right after you plan to wipe the seat. The toilet cleaning solution should be applied to both the toilet seat and the back of the toilet at the same time. Simply massage it for a few minutes and then let it sit for a few minutes. Your toilet and toilet seat will be completely clean in a minute if you rub them once more with a splash of water.

5. The blades of your ceiling fan

It’s one of the hard places which is not easy to clean. As it is not at the reach of our height we skip it most of the time. But cleaning twice a week is as necessary as you clean your other corner of the room. Here are the steps:

Bring a step ladder.

i) Clean the light dust with the broom or any kind of duster you have.

ii) Take a small bowl mix water and liquid detergent soap in it and place it on the top flat surface of the ladder.

iii) Take a scrubber and scrub the blades.

iv) Now clean it with a wet cloth.

v) Your ceiling fan will be clean in no time. It takes hardly 10-15 minutes depending on your habit.

6. Window Blinds

The groves of the window blind are full of dust if not cleaned regularly. Different types of blinds need different types of cleaning. So to clean the most common horizontal blind cleaning techniques are:

i) While starting the cleaning process keep the slits of the blinds, and light open.

ii) Now vacuum clean the slits of the blind with the brush attachment.

iii) Keep moving as per the length of the blind.

iv) Don’t forget the opposite side of the blind, for that repeat the same process.

v) If the blinds seem dirtier even after vacuuming, clean them with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, and then wipe them out with an old microfibre cloth or an old kitchen towel will also work.


If you don’t enjoy cleaning difficult-to-reach areas, use a service of a professional cleaning company to perform a deep clean instead. You could miss some time because of fatigue even though this post is filled with home cleaning tips for difficult-to-clean areas. Hope this article will make your house cleaning easy.