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Different Rooms Clean with Checklists

Home cleaning checklists

How to Keep Different Rooms Clean with Checklists

Sometimes the toughest of all the jobs is cleaning the house. Just like you would take care of your infant, it requires constant attention. Cleaning preferences vary from one person to another. Some people like to work in one area at a time, whereas others prefer to complete jobs. You may occasionally even consider employing a house cleaning service.

However, how frequently can one call? Various techniques are used by even professional house cleaning services, which are not possible for you to perform. However, using a checklist is a smart approach to streamline the procedure when you wish to do it alone. Whatever the situation, checklists are always helpful. Making a list makes it easier to finish difficult tasks, which speeds up the process.

Time-saving Tips for Regular Maintenance

1) Schedule your cleanings

Regular cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces, such as tables and cabinet handles, as well as of rooms or regions of the home, such as the bathroom and bedroom, is included in housekeeping (e.g., cupboards, cabinets, shelves, etc). Since there is always some pressing activity that interferes with plans and causes delays or modifies them, it is not possible to clean all of this every day or all at once. If you are a working woman, this is especially true.

 Thus, planning your day helps to ensure that you complete your tasks. Tasks can be divided into Daily, Weekly, and Monthly categories. You may assign each of your housemates or relatives distinct cleaning duties if you have them.

2) To make your cleaning routine more efficient, consider the following cleaning practices and advice.

i) Do not leave unwashed dishes in the sink before retiring for the night.

ii) Make your bed each morning.

iii) Fill a laundry bag with the used clothing.

iv) Put the dishes away while you make coffee.

v) While making coffee, finish the dishwasher.

vi) Make a habit of cleaning the bathroom before you take shower.

vii) Always keep cleaning wipes near the basin so that you can clean it after every use or after your use.

viii) Cooking takes a lot of time, while food is on the stove clean the kitchen at that very moment.

ix) Try to keep outside shoes near the exit door.

x) Mop all the room while you wake up.

xi) Place washing baskets or hampers in each bedroom, or put them in a laundry bag.

xii) Teach your child where to put the toys after playing with them.

3) Here are some home cleaning checklists to gear up your cleaning

a) Start with the bedroom

When it comes to decorating, the bedroom can be both the easiest and the most challenging space. In only a few easy steps, your bedroom is ready-

i) Settle into bed. Since you’ll need a surface to temporarily store items on while you sort things out, this is the first stage. If it’s time for new linens, let your old ones dry out and lay a clean one on top of your mattress.

ii) Your bed should be made clean. It’s easier to organize when everything is out in the open.

iii) Dust every surface, even the top of your closet and the ceiling light. To assist the dust falling to the floor, move downward.

iv) Fold the remaining garments and place the filthy ones in the hamper. If something has to be ironed, set it away and finish it later.

v) Keep everything out of the bedroom by putting it away. Having a spot set out for each item is beneficial. In this manner, decluttering requires little thought on your part. Mop the floor and vacuum it. The icing on the bedroom cleaning is to end with this.

b) Kitchen

i) The floor’s trouble regions, which love to accumulate debris, may be cleaned with a moist towel

ii) Dish towels should be folded and hung.

iii) While you’re organizing the cupboard and refrigerator, make a week’s worth of menu plans.

iv) Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the surfaces in the kitchen, dining room, and area where you prepare meals.

v) Run the dishwasher.

vi) Throwaway items

c) Bathroom

i) Carry outdated prescriptions to a fall location together with expired cosmetics and personal care goods.

ii) Wash your grooming brushes with soap and water regularly to avoid germs.

iii) The bathroom mirror should be cleaned.

iv) Give a shine to the bathtub

v) Use vinegar water to clean the showerhead.

vi) Swap out the shower curtain liner

vii) Use a scrubber to clean the bathroom tile.

viii) Now it is the turn of cleaning the toilet seat.

What should you do if you’re exhausted?

When you are fully tired, it’s time to call Cheap Bond Cleaning Adelaide. Even if you have a to-do list, there will still be moments when you feel completely worn out and want someone else to handle your job. In these situations, call Cheap Bond Cleaning and inquire about the services they offer. Your body also needs time to unwind, so take a seat.


House cleaning chores are sometimes very difficult to deal with. If you have a checklist of doing things in the right way then you should not be worried enough, just follow the above home cleaning checklist. Even if you are tired also never forget to call home cleaning services